The North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) is obsolete, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump told a rally of 10,000 people in Hartford in the US state of Connecticut. Polls show Trump leading his two remaining challengers for the Republican nomination, Ohio Governor John Kasich and Texas Governor Ted Cruz by wide margins in the New York state primary which is to be held next Tuesday. "NATO: It's obsolete and the United States is paying too much [to sustain it]," Trump told the rally, which was held on Friday night. In the past, Trump has repeatedly said that if elected president he would require major US allies to pay a larger portion for the joint defense. The entrenched US position on NATO came was upheld by a US establishment and political system that were corrupt and rigged, Trump argued. "I was establishment. Now I’m probably as anti-establishment as God ever created… The economy is rigged, the banks are rigged the whole deal is rigged, folks… It's a bad system and it’s a dangerous system because people are angry as hell about what's going on." Moreover, Trump ridiculed Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton as a "joker" who knew nothing about trade or business except, he claimed, putting money in her own account.