Informed sources disclosed that Qatari military equipment and Jordanian military servicemen are to replace the UAE hardware and soldiers in Yemen, respectively. "It has been planned that the Qatari military equipment and weaponry as well as Jordanian soldiers replace the UAE army and military hardware," Arab media outlets quoted unnamed informed military sources as saying. They said the recent visit of Saudi Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman to Jordan just few days after the UAE pulled out 80 percent of its troops from Yemen shows that Saudi Arabia is going to replace the UAE forces with Jordanians. In a relevant development on Monday, media reports said that the UAE had pulled out most of its forces out of a strategic military base located between Ma'rib and al-Jawf provinces. The UAE has withdrawn 80 percent of its troops from al-Tadavin military base located between Ma'rib and al-Jawf provinces in the Northern parts of Yemen, the Arabic service of the Russian Sputnik news agency quoted an unnamed informed source as saying. The source also said that the UAE has also dismantled three patriot missiles launch platforms, adding that only one more missile launchpad is left there. The UAE military servicemen have been relocated to Saudi Arabia's al-Wadi'a border region. The UAE army has also pulled out its military hardware from al-Tadavin military base.