A geopolitical analyst based in Europe explains that when the United States threatens opponents by saying “all options are on the table, ” it means “the mushroom cloud” – the nuclear strike option.Joaquin Flores, director of the Center for Syncretic Studies in Belgrade, Serbia, made the remarks on Monday, commenting on US Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement made in the Japanese city of Hiroshima in which he said every effort must be made to stop hostilities in Syria. “In an expected display of tactlessness and hubris, US Secretary of State John Kerry failed to surprise anyone - denouncing the terrorism of Daesh and yet idiosyncratically also denouncing the main force on the ground in Syria fighting Daesh - the Syrian Arab Army, ” Flores said. “Hypocritically, or rather to add insult to injury - he made these remarks while visiting the Japanese city of Hiroshima for a two day G - 7 meeting. The people of Hiroshima were the largely innocent civilians which in fact suffered from the Terrorism of the US in WWII when the US dropped an atomic bomb on the city, murdering 140,000 people instantaneously and without second thoughts, ” he stated. “That ' s what terrorism is. ”Definition of terrorismThe analyst said “the definition of terrorism is targeting civilians with violence in order to force a political outcome - in this case, to push against the USSR in dividing the spheres of influence in the post WW II order. For all intents and purposes, Japan had already tried to surrender. ” “Addressing the media in the Japanese city of Hiroshima, Kerry said that every effort must be made to stop hostilities in Syria, ” he said. “But aren ' t these words strange? Isn ' t there something missing here? Why would Kerry ' say ' that every effort must be made to stop hostilities in Syria? Who would he be saying it to? ” he asked. “Clearly in Kerry ' s view, the other G7 states - which used to be the G8 until Russia was excluded from this non - binding talk shop - need to be reminded why Russia is excluded, ” he noted. “What we are meant to infer here is that it is Russia again that that is somehow ' not ' making every effort to stop hostilities in Syria, ” Flores said. “But who benefits from these hostilities and who does not? Who made this war, and who is defending from it? We know these answers, and so it’s incoherent double think from the US to imply otherwise, ” he added.Who propelled these hostilities in Syria?“Fortunately, many people are not so brainwashed and can see right through it, ” Flores said. “Is it not in fact the US itself that has induced and propelled these hostilities? ” he asked. “Wouldn ' t every effort include reigning in the US ' s NATO allied Turks? Who is it that has the most influence over the Turks? Wouldn ' t that be the very same US? ” he further asked. “Isn ' t this all something that Kerry should be saying to Erdogan in Ankara? But no, instead we get obfuscating nonsense directed at Russia, in the standard culturally Anglo, passive aggressive form, ” the commentator argued.No US apology to Japan! “But here's another interesting twist. Many around the world, including Japanese activists and even lawmakers, were hoping that perhaps Kerry might take the opportunity of this visit to offer some apology for its own crimes against the people of Hiroshima,” Flores said. “Many around the world were disappointed to discover that, point blank, the US would decidedly not be offering any such apology,” he argued. “My view is a bit different. I think this was good of the US - because it is honest. The US is not sorry for what it has done, and this is the honest face of the US. Imagine if the US had apologized - so what? It wouldn't mean they were really sorry, nor would it mean that they wouldn't do it again. So it's better to leave these feel-good illusions to the side,” he stated. “In fact, every day around the world, the US threatens and states to everyone it sees as an opponent , that 'all options are on the table'.  We know what that means. It's the mushroom cloud. That's the US. Let's not forget it,” the political pundit concluded.