The ISIS counter - offensive in northern Aleppo has proven to be successful for the terrorist group, as they have recapture all the villages they lost to the extremist rebels of the Free Syrian Army(FSA), Harakat Ahrar Al - Sham, and Jabhat Al - Shamiya. ISIS (Islamic State, ISIL, IS, Daesh) launched their counter-offensive on Saturday night, seizing 8 villages by dawn the following day; this paved the way for their recapture of Al-Rai city this morning. With Al-Rai under their control, ISIS has once again wedged the extremist rebels between their front-lines at the east and the YPG’s at the western flank near the border-city of ‘Azaz. The terrorist group is not down yet: ISIS has already made a major push towards ‘AzAz and the rebel stronghold of Mare’; if these are lost, the Free Syrian Army and their allies will be finished in northern Aleppo. Rebels blamed the lack of air cover from the US Air Force as the primary reason for their losses in northern Aleppo today.