People in al - Mayadeen city in Deir Ezzur found the hanging body of Abu Zaid Tunissi, a notorious ISIL ringleader, along with a letter that said his execution was the last warning to the terrorist group to withdraw from the city, local sources said on Saturday. According to the sources, al-Tunissi was in charge of finding and punishing those who violate ISIL's (so-called Islamic State , ISIS , IS and Daesh) Wahhabi-Takfiri rules. Tunissi's unknown executors hung his body in a street in al-Mayadeen city, Eastern Syria. Sources said that a note was left with Tunissi which threatened the ISIL to retreat from Deir Ezzur, FNA reports. In relevant developments in the Eastern province on Friday, a senior ISIL commander and at least 40 of his comrades were killed when their attacks on government forces' positions near Deir Ezzur were repelled by the Syrian Army men. The ISIL lost over 40 militants during this failed assault, including their field commander Yahya Al-Ansari and several of his foreign men.