The Israeli right wing has grown accustomed to taking advantage of security crises inside and outside Palestine to emerge as the rescuer of the Israeli regime. It has even reached a point that led some to theorize that the situation in the West Bank and Jerusalem(al - Quds) has also been sparked by Tel Aviv as part of a larger plan.Some observers conclude that previous Israeli wars such as the ones against Gaza in 2008,2012, and 2014 in addition to the Third Palestinian Intifada, have been used to attain domestic and external goals. On the one hand, the far - right sought to garner domestic support and unite the divided internal front. On the other hand, it used these conflicts and continues to do so in a bid to acquire financial and moral international support to increase its military budget and capabilities as well as polish the image of the persecuted Jewish people and give rise to the Zionist narrative.Uniting the divided communityThe Jewish community is divided within the Israeli regime. Jews from different parts of the world have different ideologies which have caused sharp divisions among them. But these splits pose a dangerous threat to the Zionist regime and that’s why Israeli leaders use such wars to create a sense of unity. This is done by directing their focus and antagonism on the common “enemy. ”Garnering domestic supportWhat is also noteworthy is that these crises occurred shortly prior to Knesset elections which benefitted the Israeli right wing led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Analysts have said that instigating these crises at those critical times was part of the right’s election campaign.Claiming the right to “self - defence”While the Israelis are factually the culprits in occupied Palestine, they always seem to find a way to victimize themselves to justify their violations of human rights. One of the Israeli regime’s policies has been to send a message to its allies, most prominently the US government, that they have right to do just about anything to allegedly “defend themselves. ”Gaining financial supportThe US Congress has disclosed information saying that Washington has funded the Israeli regime since its formation until 2012 with 115 billion dollars, 67 billion dollars of which were in the form of military support. Using conflict as a pretext, Tel Aviv continues to rely on its allies for financial military backing.Increasing military and security budgetsThe Israeli left generally opposes increasing the military budget but due to the fuelled - crises the Knesset is pushed into augmenting it. This has happened in recent in years including after the 50 - day war against the Gaza Strip which saw a budget hike of 7 billion shekels, raising the total to 57 billion shekels in 2015.Enforcing punishment laws Furthermore, Israeli authorities exploit tensions in order to pass laws that reinforce penal measures against Palestinians. The Knesset is usually quick to approve such laws such as punishing the families of Palestinian children who throw rocks at Israeli occupation forces. Punishment includes deportation to Gaza, the demolishment of their homes, and detention without trial. Many observers, thus believe, that in light of so many gains that the Israeli regimes makes during tensions and conflict, the extent of its exploitation is very clear. After all, the Israelis are the masters of deception.