US Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is an “absolutely awful candidate” who lacks the skills necessary to win a campaign without having the race rigged in her favor, an American writer and political analyst says. “She doesn’t have what it takes [to run a country]; she’s a lousy candidate; she’s the worst candidate a major party has come up with in decades,” Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV on Tuesday. US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will be the party’s nominee for US and defeat his Republican rival in the general election, Welch predicted. Sanders is leading Clinton by five points in Wisconsin, with the state’s April 5 primary election being seen as a make-or-break for both candidates. According to a new Fox Business poll released on Thursday, Sanders has the support of 48 percent of likely Democratic voters, while Clinton is trailing behind with 43 percent. In a separate poll conducted by the Public Policy Polling earlier on Thursday, the independent senator from Vermont is leading Clinton by 6 points in Wisconsin, which is viewed to be a Sanders-friendly state. Sanders whose campaign was boosted by landslide victories in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii, is hoping to cut further into Clinton’s lead in next week's elections in the state. Clinton and Sanders are locked in a surprisingly competitive battle for New York state, which holds its primary election on April 19. A Quinnipiac University survey released on Thursday shows that Sanders has closed to within 12 points of Clinton in New York. As recently as early March, polls showed Clinton leading Sanders by 48 points in the state. If Sanders wins New York, it will change the narrative of the race, analysts say. “Winning would create a story beyond the mere delegate count, which I think would propel his campaign,” said Lee Miringoff, the director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.