A year into the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen, Riyadh and its allies are aware of their failure to achieve the goals they set at the beginning of the war which has cost thousands of lives and destroyed the country’s infrastructure. One of these goals was to obliterate the Ansarullah movement. The Ansarullah movement, however, has led the Yemeni people and the country’s armed forces throughout the war, and encouraged steadfastness in the face of this aggression. The truce between the Saudis and the Yemenis indicates a Saudi acknowledgement of the Ansarullah movement which has proven its ability to force Saudi authorities into accepting negotiations after refusing to do so in the past. Therefore, it has become essential for the Ansarullah movement to solidify its political and public stance to demonstrate its ability to set the country on the right track in the future the same way it has succeeded in leading Yemeni forces in the battle against the Saudis. Observers have suggested that the movement adhere to the following steps to achieve this goal: Clarifying ideological and religious stanceThe Ansarullah movement is a follower of the Zaidi Shia sect and that’s why in 2011 some political factions attempted to turn the tide against it by accusing the group of seeking to impose its hegemony on the rest of the sects in the country. Now, in light of the Saudi - led aggression, and constant attempts to demonize the movement as a propaganda strategy, it is crucial for Ansarullah to clarify its stance and convince other sects, especially Sunnis, that is not seeking a sectarian government but rather a democratic rule that respects Yemenis and treats them equally.Reinforcing legitimacyThe Ansarullah movement emerged as a tribal semi - military group and this was manipulated by the Saudis to create a sense of illegitimacy. To counter these distortions, it would be practical to follow the footsteps of the Lebanese Hezbollah group and the Popular Mobilization forces in Iraq by creating a manifesto to define itself and its principles. This way, the group would have a clear political identity that would help it counter attempts to disarm it through its legitimacy.Participating in national unity governmentParticipating in a national unity government alongside other parties and groups would pave the way for a rise in popular support for the movement. Ansraullah should play an effective role in the government to assert its political position and prevent a single party from monopolizing power.Enhancing security and political stabilityAnalysts predict that the Saudi regime will create a network of spies after the war ends in a bid to incite sectarian strife as part of plan B through the agency of extremism. Hence, Ansarullah must join a national unity government and coordinate with other tribes and sects to restore peace and stability in post - war Yemen through unity.Reconstructing and improving economic situation Saudi bombardment has left much of the country in ruins. It is up to Ansarullah leadership to plan the reconstruction of the battered Arab state and place programs to take the responsibility of building what has been destroyed by the Saudi-led aggression. In addition, it must take the initiative and prompt the process of economic growth that will in turn lead to a boost in other important sectors. Accordingly, the Ansarullah movement has a monumental role to play in post-war Yemen like the one it has had during the Saudi-led aggression. However, to succeed in charting the country’s future, improvement must be made on the political, social, economic, and security levels and in tandem with other national parties in order to secure Yemen as an independent, stable, and peaceful country.