The War Party in Washington is escalating what it calls ISIL war in Iraq, and it is not stopping there. It is not taking questions either.The massive increase in US ground troops in Syria is part of the usual war for imperialism and greed, in the form of a large contingent of Special Forces to be sent to the country’s northeast. The Pentagon wouldn’t say how many troops they are sending, beyond saying that there would be “many times” more troops than are presently there now. Meaning, the US occupying troops in Syria are not going to be confined to Kurdish territory. And that’s not all. After its “embarrassing failure” last year, the Pentagon says it has begun again with training what it calls “Syrian rebels” to battle ISIL. If you are guessing these are the very same breed of “moderate” terrorists that last year surrendered to al - Qaeda’s Nusra Front outright, handing over their weapons and vehicles in return for safe passage, you are right. They are what they are: Moderate head choppers and ISIL allies. Regardless, the new developments are a wake up call for all those “pundits” in the West who are still under the illusion that the biggest US military realignment is underway not in the Middle East but in the Asia - Pacific under the “Pacific Pivot” schemes, which aims to transition US military and diplomatic resources away from the Middle East and toward the world’s most populous and economically dynamic region. True, the US already has enormous resources invested in that region – including tens of thousands of troops, large aircraft carrier groups, and “defense” treaties with powerful countries like South Korea and Japan. Also it makes perfect sense to bolster that military presence, secure more political cooperation from US allies, and boost trade through major pacts like the Trans Pacific Partnership. However, the same counter - argument could be made about the Middle East. The United States wants to be a Middle East Power too, just as it wants to be a Pacific Power. After all, you don’t invade so many nations, create so many failed states, kill millions of innocent civilians, make millions more refugees, sell weapons worth hundreds of billions of dollars, fuel a region - wide arms race, impose draconian sanctions on regional enemies, fuel ethnic / sectarian warfare, and then just pack up and leave to start all over again in another unfortunate part of the world. It just doesn’t make any sense at all. This is not what the “Global Pivot” is all about. What makes sense is this: The Middle East region and its strategic resources are so important that even the British government has announced plans to return. It has already reopened its old colonial naval base in Bahrain. It has military bases in other parts of the Persian Gulf too. It has also announced plans to build new bases in the former British protectorate of Oman and beyond to re - establish its power east of the Suez Canal. Indeed, the War Party generals should be out of their minds to call it quits in the Middle East. Unlike the Asia - Pacific region, the Middle East is a region of massive strategic resources, such as oil, gas and minerals, making it irreplaceable for many decades to come. For the US Military - Industrial Complex it is lucrative too, which is why it remains a key plank of the US strategy to pull countries in the region into its sphere of influence and global arms market, even those that are not on the same boat with Washington, including Syria, Iraq, and of course Iran. Though overshadowed by the so - called peace talks somewhere in Europe, the pivot to Syria and the Middle East remains very much underway. Already the US has expanded and established a new military base within the Syrian territory. It is building another one right along the Yemeni shores too. Meaning, from the Philippines to Okinawa bases, Afghanistan’s minerals to Syrian oil and gas pipelines, the Empire of Chaos, whose policies and greed are destroying the world, wants it all. Unfortunately, the US representatives at the Syrian peace talks, including Secretary of State John Kerry, who should be prepared to explain these new developments and not follow vain desires, aren’t talking. Apparently, there is a sufficiency in the world for America’s need but not for its greed.This article originally appeared on Farsnews. com