A new opinion poll shows that support for the UK’s exit from the European Union(EU) has taken the lead over the Remain campaign, with nearly half of the voters backing Brexit.According to the Opinium online survey forThe Observernewspaper released on Saturday, 43 percent of the respondents are on the Leave side, which is four points ahead of the Remain campaign with a 39 - percent support. The poll, which was conducted between March 29 and April 1, questioned 1,966 adults about how they would vote if a referendum were held tomorrow on Britain’s withdrawal from the 28 - nation bloc. Some 18 percent of those surveyed said they were still undecided on how they will vote, while one percent refused to respond.The Observer said the turnout among younger voters could be the deciding factor for the referendum. “Government strategists and pollsters privately admit that the central problem for the Remain side is that its support for staying in the EU is strongest among young people, the group least likely to vote,” according to the paper. Among those aged between 18 and 34, 53 percent said they backed staying in the EU while 29 percent preferred the opposite. However, only 52 percent in this age group said they were certain to actually go out and vote. Amongst the over-55s, 30 percent said they supported Britain to remain in the bloc, compared to 54 percent backing the exit. In this age group, 81 percent said they would definitely take part in the referendum. The referendum will be held on June 23 on whether the UK will remain a member of the EU or not. British Eurosceptics believe that the country would be better off outside the politico-economic union, but pro-Europeans warn that the move would hurt the economy. British Prime Minister David Cameron is leading the battle to keep the country in the 28-member bloc.