In a meeting in Turkey mid last Feb, talking about current events in the region, Afuk Olutas, the SETA strategic studies center senior analyst said: we must attack Russia with our practical operations. He also said: During a visit to Kiev tomorrow Davutoglu will meet with the leader of Crimean Tatars and three Tatar military groups in Nikolayev will be trained for doing operations in Crimea which shows Davutoglu has the best possible understand of the situation in the region. Olutash said: Some of our politicians are intimidated and have no practical idea but there are also some parts, which have a closer look at the issues, because today, Kiev, Doha and Riyadh are our serious allies and I tell you this with certainty. He also said: At a joint meeting between Mitt and Saudi Telecom services held on 29 December it was decided that Saudis will provide logistic cost, training facilities and explosives for Tatars operating in the Crimea because Crimean Tatars are waiting for our practical support and in a meeting I last December Jemilov had asked Davutoglu to meet with Yatsenyuk for arranging necessary arrangements. It is worth noting that Ukrainian president plenipotentiary representative in Crimean Tatars affairs and Crimean Tatars' People's Assembly Chairman, Mustafa Jemilov has met with Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu last December. This was the first serious meeting after troubles started in Turkish-Russian relations where it was decided for Davutoglu to travel to Kiev to hold meetings at higher levels.