The Saudi regime is perpetrating genocide Yemeni people in collaboration with the Israeli regime, Britain and the United States, Yemen ' s Ansarullah movement leader, Abdul - Malik al - Houthi, has said. Speaking live on TV on Friday, the Ansarullah leader pointed out that the Saudi-led coalition invaded Yemen with the sole objective of wiping out the country’s population. He added that the Saudi regime has neither respected the concept of neighborliness nor Islam in its ongoing brutal war on Yemen, adding that the Saudis are neglectful of the Yemeni popular will. Abdul-Malik al-Houthi said the Saudi regime has committed numerous crimes against the Yemenis adding that the Saudi regime knows no limits in its massacre of women and children. He underlined that said the United States and Britain are helping Saudi Arabia in the aggression against Yemen and pointed out that the Al Saud regime and its mercenaries fighting in Yemen are under the sway of the Saudi-Israeli-US axis. Abdul-Malik al-Houthi said the main objective of the Saudi aggression is the destruction of the entire region so that the Zionist regime of Israel will turn into an unrivaled power in the West Asia region. He pointed out that the Saudi crimes have even overshadowed the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians. The Ansarullah further slammed the silence of the UN Security Council regarding the Saudi aggression, saying the body is providing security only for arrogant powers, saying the UN charters have not been drawn up for the oppressed and only serve bullying and dictatorial regimes. Abdul-Malik al-Houthi slammed global silence in the face of the ongoing Saudi crimes against the people of Yemen. He however noted that some countries have openly supported the Yemeni people and provided any assistance they could to the war-torn nation. “The resistance shown by the Yemenis shows the legitimacy of the demands of the Yemeni people”, the Ansarullah leader said. Pointing to retaliatory attacks by the popular forces, Houthi said heavy and deadly blows have been inflicted on the Saudi military in terms of personnel and equipment. The Ansarullah leader said Yemenis do not have massive military hardware, but they have been standing against the enemy, adding that the Yemenis feel obliged to defend their principles. He added that the Saudis launched their aggression under the slogan of serving the Yemenis, however, they have served the Yemenis with their missiles and destruction by killing women and children. The Ansarullah leader said the enemies cannot and will not be able to reach their objectives because Yemenis of all walks of life will continue to stand by their national commitments. "What we are seeing now is the result of our steadfastness," he said, adding, "The blood of our martyrs has struck heavy blows at the aggressive enemy." Saudi Arabia and its allies started a brutal aggression against Yemen in March 2015 with the stated objective of destroying the popular Ansarullah movement and restoring to power fugitive former Yemeni president Abdu Rabuh Mansour Hadi. The World Health Organization says fighting in Yemen has killed almost 6,300 people, half of them civilians, since the commencement of the Saudi-led aggression and the United Nations has warned of an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe. Yemeni sources say over 8,500 people, mostly civilians including at least 2000 children, have killed in the ongoing Saudi aggression on the impoverished state. The strikes have also taken a heavy toll on the country’s facilities and infrastructure, destroying many hospitals, schools, factories and mosques. The Saudi regime has also used banned US, British-supplied munitions in the war in what human rights organizations have said amounts to war crimes. The Saudi regime, which has a shallow history, has also destroyed 7,000-year-old historical sites in Sana‘a, the Yemeni capital.