Military sources in Syria’s Southern province of Dara’a said that tens of terrorists were killed in a Syrian army attack on an al - Nusra Front missile launch - pad. The Syrian army targeted the positions of al-Nusra Front in al-Hamadayn district in Dara’a, destroyed their missile launch pad and blew up a missile which killed several militants on the scene, the sources said on Tuesday. On Friday, the Syrian air force in a high-precision strike targeted and destroyed a mortar launch pad used by the ISIS terrorist group in Deir Ezzor. The Syrian fighter jets struck the ISIS gathering centers and lines of defense near al-Jafra region, which ended in the destruction of a mortar platform. The Syrian army and its popular allies are now readying for the final battle against the ISIS terrorists over al-Shoula region after capturing the key oil-rich region of al-Thayyem in the Southeastern province of Deir Ezzor, FNA reported.