Residents of the towns of al - Mamoura and Baloudan in Damascus province received thousands of humanitarian food packages on Wednesday. 7,000 more food packages were distributed by the Syrian Red Crescent Society among al-Mamoura and Baloudan residents. The displaced residents of the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus had also earlier in March received thousands of humanitarian health packages. 3,600 more health packages were distributed to displaced people in Yalda, Babila and Beit Sahm subdivisions of Yarmouk refugee camp. The Yarmouk crisis started in 2012 when the terrorist groups took control of the Palestinian refugee camp and displaced over one million Palestinians. The terrorist groups have been trying to make the Yarmouk camp and its surrounding areas the main center of their operations. Palestinian forces inside Yarmouk are largely surrounded by the ISIL fighters who have captured large swathes of the camp since an assault that began earlier this month. In early April 2015, a group of 14 Palestinian factions backed a joint military operation with the Syrian government to expel the ISIL terrorists from the Yarmouk refugee camp in Southern Damascus. The factions support “a security solution that will be carried out in partnership with the Syrian state,” Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official Ahmed Majdalani said. Also in early April 2015, the ISIL was reported to be in control of a “large part” of the camp after fighting with Palestinian groups who also opposed to President Bashar Assad’s forces. An agreement last year between terrorists and the government, backed by Palestinian factions, led to an easing of the siege, but humanitarian access has remained limited.