The Daesh terrorist group used chemical weapons for attack on the northern Iraqi town of Taza, a spokesman for Shiite fighters al - Hashd ash - Shaabi said Saturday. In February, CIA Director John Brennan said that Daesh had used chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq, and had capabilities to produce small amounts of mustard gas or chlorine gas and possibly export it to the Western countries, Sputnik reports. "Southern part of Taza has become the target for a heavy attack conducted by Daesh militants. During the attack, the terrorists have launched two missiles rigged with toxic substances from the settlement of Kasbah al-Bashir," Ali Huseini said, as quoted by the Al Sumaria television broadcaster. Huseini added that the Iraqi authorities should take steps to provide the region with necessary security, as well as to liberate the region controlled by Daesh. Daesh is notorious for numerous terror attacks, including the ones with the use of chemical weapons.