As the Obama administration and its Arab allies stumble over anti - ISIS strategy, there are many indications beyond a shadow of a doubt, showing ISIS would bring its war front on UAE ' s soil. Nearly 20 months have elapsed since U.S.-led camping against the terrorist ISIS militants began and no sooner have the Iraqi and Syrian people realized that they have been caught between ISIS' hammer and Obama's anvil. According to UN and other Human Rights organizations hundreds of civilians killed in U.S.-led air strikes. During his Middle- East tour, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has ostensibly vowed that Washington and its Arab allies will ultimately defeat ISIS and demanded the wealthy Arab sheikhdoms, namely United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, to take sincere measures against their erstwhile extremist allies, (e.g. ISIS and al-Nusra Front). Emirati officials claim they have stepped up their efforts to curb ISIS oil economy, cut off financial donations and dry the other substantial sources of revenue. In response, ISIS promised to wage a bloody war on UAE financial hub of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. An Emirati woman was executed over stabbing to death of American teacher Ibolya Ryan in Abu Dhabi and In February, a 29-year-old ISIS sympathizer was detains allegedly for planning to explode a hand-made grenade in a crowded restaurant in Dubai. These and other incidents clearly show the vulnerability of Emirate government against the ISIS' increasing popularity and charm amongst the youth. Yesterday, the Abu Dhabi International Airports announced the suspension of the flight operations until further notice as heavy rain and strong winds lashed across the country. “Due to severe weather conditions, flights at Abu Dhabi International Airport are suspended until further notice.” However, according to well-informed sources the main reason for the airport closure was the ISIS sleeping cells being apprehended while trying to plant several bombs inside the airport.