The names of two Italian citizens appeared on the recently published Daesh(ISIS) membership list, media reported Friday. On Wednesday, reports emerged that thousands of documents identifying 22,000 Daesh supporters in more than 50 countries had been leaked to Britain’s Sky News television channel. According to the Italian Corriere della Sera newspaper, Rawaha al Itali, also known as Anas el Abboubi, was born in Morocco and held both Italian and Moroccan passports. El Abboubi lived in northern Italy before leaving for Syria in 2013, where he was reportedly killed. Abu Ishaq al Tunisi, the second Italian on the list, allegedly lived in different European countries, including Italy, for four years, the newspaper said. The leaked documents resembled enrollment forms, consisting of 23 questions about Daesh supporters' full names, telephone numbers, blood type, skills and other personal data.