Anticipating another appearance on a debate stage with Donald Trump, Fox News Channel ' s Megyn Kelly says their public feud hasn ' t affected her preparation and she doesn ' t expect a renewal of hostilities with the Republican presidential front runner. Kelly, who is moderating Thursday's debate with colleagues Bret Baier and Chris Wallace, said Trump was more in her head before the GOP debate prior to the Iowa caucuses, which he ultimately boycotted. "I think he's much more focused on securing the nomination now and not on me, and that's how it should be," Kelly said. Thursday's debate, the 11th among Republicans, will be held at Detroit's Fox Theater from 9 to 11 p.m. EST. Kelly's questioning angered Trump during the first GOP debate last August, most prominently when he was confronted with some of his past comments about women. He responded harshly, and skipped Fox's Iowa debate when the network refused to remove Kelly as moderator. Ted Cruz beat Trump in Iowa. Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said he looks forward to Thursday's debate. "It's not a focus of our preparation but obviously it's the elephant in the room," Fox's Baier said. "It's not front of mind, but it's in mind. We're not going to focus on one candidate or the other." At the very least, the Fox moderators won't have to prepare one set of questions for if Trump showed up and another for if he didn't, as they did in Iowa. Kelly, who has not interviewed Trump since last summer's dust-up, said she's preparing the same tough but fair questions she always tries for. "I don't need to be overly tough to prove that I am some sort of tough gal and I don't want to go easy on him to disprove the people who think I have it in for him," she said. She believes Trump, a novice politician, had the misguided thought Fox would go easy on him. "Perhaps his expectations for the event were not set properly by the people who were advising him," she said. "I think at this point in the game he understands better how these things go. He knows he can handle me. He can handle any interviewer."