In an article titled " What Should We Do if the Islamic State Wins? ”, which was published by Foreign Policy back on June 10,2015, Stephen M. Walt, a professor of international relations at Harvard University, raised a grave issue which can be interpreted as a strategic suicide.Walt argues that if Daesh continues to make advances on the ground and " succeeds in holding on to its territory, ” we need to " recognize” it and gradually teach this radical and primitive group the prevailing " facts of life in the international system. ” Here, Walt attempts, via a strategic understanding of Western Asia’s security system, to say that Takfiri radicalism can be compatible with the US balance policy, which at its heart has the triangle of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Zionist regime which are among the main backers of such Takfiri groups and also traditional allies of the US against the axis of resistance and Russia. I wonder how can one rationalize the issue of recognition of Daesh and how much will it take until such a terrorist group and the like, including the so - called Jaish al - Fath and Ahrar al - Sham Movement can become civilized? It is surprising that a prominent and reputable university professor, through sketching out new territories, is tempting a series of anarchistic and rebellious groups into expanding terrorism in an organized and peaceful way so that regional anti - terrorist and efficient governments can be neighbors with a group, which is a notorious law breaker and also an outlaw. Issues like " Caliphate”, " Jihad” and such like are raised and promoted in the Western Asia. For this reason, I want Walt to take heed of this matter that Daesh and other Wahhabi - Takfiri groups are strongly anarchistic and rebellious and that their survival heavily hinges upon adventurism and expansionism, not peace and stability. It should also be noted that Middle Eastern nations have succeeded in establishing efficient states, promoting welfare and health and maintaining security in the region nearly after a century; a welfare and security which the West can also benefit from because the Takfiri groups, like communists, recruit forces from among the poor, not the elites, the middle class and active social groups. Now I would like to propose six reasons to prove that Daesh is an anarchistic and rebellious group and also carry my point that Stephen M. Walt’s viewpoint is incorrect and could be detrimental to entire world: From my perspective, Daseh and other similar groups which murder civilians in the context of suicide and politicide are firmly opposed to civility and civilization, the government in particular. My reasons have their origins in the ISIL’s Takfiri ideology and dialogue.1: Caliphate - Ummah system in lieu of state - nation systemIn Daesh and Takfiri groups’ mindset, people are categorized based on their beliefs, and not their nationality or rights of citizenship. This approach by Daesh is very similar to that of Israel because this Takfiri group considers all Sunni Muslims as its own nationals, and allow them to enter into the territories under their control regardless of their nationality. It has replaced ideological passport with a document that one obtains based on his / her nationality.2: Narrative in lieu of wisdomIt is in nature of Daesh to accept narratives especially those related by the Caliph and its early successors. This is a voluntary return to revive ideology of traditionalism, which, based upon the Salafists’ understanding of Islam, has always been violent and chaotic.3: Industry of violenceUnlike modern methods in which governments and state police are guardians of law, in Daesh ideology violence is intentionally and horrifyingly turned into a habit, which only seeks to strike fear into hearts of people through modern ways. For doing so, people, who live under the Caliphate of Daesh, are left with two choices, namely Submissiveness or Destruction(death). Therefore, Daesh is a pioneer of today Takfiri ideology which is being followed and developed by other Takfiri - terrorist groups, including the so - called Jaish al - Fath and Ahrar al - Sham. Classifying such groups as Daesh etc, which enjoy the support of Saudi Arabia and Turkey, is like categorizing poisonous snakes as Indian Cobra and Egyptian Cobra. According to their lethal power, there is no difference in nature of them and how deadly they could be for the security of people of Syria and Western Asian countries.4: Holy ignoranceFrom Daesh point of view, wisdom and awareness intrude on religion and all discussions, teachings, and questions are rejected as they may cast doubt on the religion which they favor. Saudi Arabia is considered as traditional representative of this ideology and Daesh and other Salafi - Takfiri groups are radical examples and readings of such Salafism.5: Daesh anachronismAs German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel put it: " History in general is therefore the development of Spirit in Time. ” The spirit of the contemporary era is about showing respect to civility and rejecting cruelty and discrimination, but Daesh, regardless of modern methods for ruling a country, defends human inequality officially and practically. It plans to convert tens of millions of non - Sunni Muslims to Sunnis in a short period of time. This anachronism has likened Daesh to a group that has been thrown from another era into ours, which advocates slavery, pillage, fear - mongering and terror.6: Hijacking societyIn today’s modern system, nationals of each country follow the rules laid down by their country in a way that breach of that law would lead to punishment. Daesh is recruiting forces, including kids and orphans from countries like Afghanistan which is plagued by crisis. The kids are trained militarily and used for suicide attacks after being brainwashed into Daesh ideologies. This move means trespassing on government’s responsibilities which will lead to family decline and subsequently breach of peace and domestic security. More instances can be added to the above - mentioned reasons in order to convince Stephen M. Walt that Daesh and other Takfiri groups cannot change for better and that we cannot expect them to get civilized by occupying territories of other countries. Thus, making any compromises with such groups and having an instrumental look at them in context of strategic - regional considerations will further expand Daesh and terrorism and also turn the entire region of Western Asia into a safe haven for them. These terrorists will one day return to haunt their backers. They have emerged benefiting from failed governments in Iraq and Syria. If the Daesh Takfiri group gains more territories on the ground, it will get the entire community of Sunnis and subsequently Western Asia bogged down in a quagmire of insecurity but this time with more advanced military equipment and misinterpretation of Islamic concepts on merging governments under their Caliphate.First published byBasirat