Muslimpress:Based on the annual count of ‘hate groups’ by Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC), it was shown that the US is the country with the most political and racial tensions in the world. The institution started working in 1971 in the US with the aim to reduce hatred and to increase justice. The institution’s latest reports show that ‘hate groups’ have increased in the country since 2010. The reports also prove that anti-Islamic motivations have been on top of the list. Moreover, the institution claims that, as the number of the ‘hate groups’ increase it gets harder to track them on the internet. The previous presidents of SPLC, Richard Cohen, in an interview with reporters have compared the current situation with the US in 1960s. “We are facing a crisis in the country. We have never faced such extremism in the country in the past decades. As we approach the election the tension increases and gets more dangerous. I believe the government needs to do something about it,” Cohen said. “During the presidency of Barak Obama from 2009 up to now, the numbers of those who have entered neo-Nazi groups have increased more than 50 percent. Today over 300,000 Americans claim to be a member of such groups,” he added. Cohen also added: “This year many American people have followed presidency candidate ‘Donald Trump’, who is using anti-Islamic words in his campaigns.” This is while in the recent years number of attacks to Muslims has increased significantly. As an instance we can refer to the event in ‘Chapel Hill’ in 2015, in which 3 Muslim students were killed, by a man who claimed to hate Muslims and Islam. This incident shows the sensitivity of the issue and can be a cause of exaggerated advertisements against ISIS in Middle East by the media. Moreover, an FBI report shows that anti-Muslim crimes have increased by 14 percent, while hate crime against other social groups have decreased. After the attacks in Paris and Saint-Bernardino by ISIS the tension in the world soared by the end of 2015; then Trump played his role and increased Islamophobia in the US and in the world. His racist words against Muslims have put Muslims in a critical situation both in and outside the US. As a result, hate crime and anti-Muslim attacks in the US increased to, at least, one case every day in late 2015; mosques were burnt down and fear increased among Muslims.