US Republican presidential front - runner Donald Trump is an extreme version of the American society and spews “racist” and “fascist” views to attract more support, an American analyst says. US President Barack Obama on Tuesday dismissed the possibility of Trump being elected president, saying Americans are too "sensible" to elect him. He added that the American electorate will never pick him because "they recognize that being president is a serious job.” “Trump is an extreme version of how America views itself,” political commentator Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV on Wednesday. “Let’s be honest, Americans are some of the most dumbed-down and racist persons on the face of the Earth.” Welch said the reason Trump will fail to attract enough votes in the upcoming elections is that his racist following is not large enough, but still this does not mean that Americans are “sensible.” Trump "is too extreme and too racist." Welch attributed Trump’s plans to deport all illegal immigrants from the US to white supremacy, which can be seen in the way colored people are treated in America and even Europe. “The crimes, the fabrication and exaggerating and the sensationalization of immigrant crime is deeply deeply symptomatic of a fundamentally-held racism that gives rise to all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories,” he said. Trump says he would deport 11 million undocumented workers from the United States and would establish a "deportation force" for this purpose. He has also promised to expel undocumented immigrants and build a wall on the US-Mexico border. In addition, he has proposed repealing the constitutional right to citizenship of anyone born on US soil. “It is an openly fascist way of thought to say that Mexicans are stealing our jobs, and black people are scary and they are here to take our women and to take our stuff,” Welch said. “When people talk about Trump can’t be elected, I think that is true that he is too extreme and too racist, but you have to back up and look all the overlap between what is going on all around the world,” he continued. The analyst said that although a significant sector of society favors Trump’s racist views, there is also a significant sector who reject his ideas.