The Syrian army air force carried out intensive sorties on the gatherings of ISIL terrorist organization in many villages in the eastern countryside of Hama province, inflicting heavy losses on terrorists in personnel and equipment, a military source told on Monday. The sorties resulted in destroying gatherings, positions and vehicles equipped with machineguns in the villages of Jana al-Albawi, Abu Hbeilat, Abu al-Hanaya, Salba and Ukeirbat. In Idleb countryside, the army air force targeted gatherings for Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in Abu al-Duhour, 50km southeast of Idleb city, destroying vehicles equipped with different machineguns. A number of vehicles loaded with arms and equipped with machineguns for Jaish al-Fateh terrorist organization were destroyed in army airstrikes in Kefr Uweid village in the southwestern countryside of Idleb province. Accordingly, over the past 24 hours, units of the army and the armed forces in Aleppo carried out intensive operations against dens and fortifications of terrorist organizations in a number of neighborhoods in Aleppo City. A military source told that units of the army destroyed gatherings of terrorist organizations in concentrated strikes carried out in the neighborhoods of Bab al-Nayrab, Karm al-Qatirji, al-Sheikh Khudir and al-Ansari. The source added that terrorists' hotbeds, arms and ammunition were also destroyed in the strikes and a number of them were killed.