In the light of strategic advancements of the Syrian army in Aleppo ' s northern countryside, terrorist armed groups and its factions collaborated with each other to lose the ground thus paving the way for international intervention to reorganize terrorist groups after their frustration of Syrian Arab Army and its allies ' success in destroying terrorist supply routes close to Turkish border that was as a vital artery for terrorist groups.According to revealed ISIS confidential documents, the terrorist organization offered a truce plan to the armed groups in the northern countryside of Aleppo especially The Levant Front(al - Jabha al - Shamiya) through the intermediary of Yasser Najjar(AKA Yasser Abu Ammar) in attempt to unite against the Syrian Arab Army and retake areas close to the Turkish border. ISIS Offered a truce plan to other as following:
  1. Cease - fire between all factions and to stop attacks by any faction
  2. Releasing all prisoners between the two sides of conflicts
  3. Opening the crossings between the two sides to allow the passage of fuel and food
  4. Not to persuade any faction to fight ISIS
  5. Fatah Halab(Aleppo Conquest) joint operation room shall require all armed groups that do not accept this agreement to accept it and prevent any violations. According to the agreement and its implementation, all armed groups have to fight any group that fought against ISIS that also apply to all those who violated it. Any group that violates the ceasefire will be considered as the Syrian regime’s agents.
  6. The ceasefire will last for 6 months. After the mentioned period, the extension of the agreement will be discussed. In case of not reaching to an agreement, the conflicts will resume until Allah doth decide between us: for He is the best to decide.
  7. All the conflicts will focus on fighting the[Syrian] regime
  8. The chosen Intermediaries will solve any problems, or violations of any of the sides. Intermediates will observe the implementation of the agreement through elected mediators between the parties
  9. Any betrayal by military factions against ISIS or any attack by crusader alliance Shall revoke the agreement
  10. The factions shall publish no official statement. Yet Fatah Halab joint Operation room is allowed to decide about having official statements.
  11. Armed groups have one - week deadline to review and respond to the plan. Not responding to the ceasefire plan shall be consider as rejecting the truce plan. The deadline starts from 2/2 / 2016 for the ISIS - invited groups that prominent leaders of it have met in al - Bab.
  12. On the decision of Fatah Halab joint operation room three crossings can be opened between the two sides.