It seems that the fresh advances made in southern Syria, specifically in Daraa, by the Syrian army and its allies after they recaptured Sheikh Meskeen area, have pushed the Israeli regime to ring the warning bells as the Lebanon’s Hezbollah fighters are now only some kilometers away from the occupied Golan Heights and the Jordanian borders, a fresh development described as a threat by both Jordan and the Israeli regime after they hoped that the terrorist groups would keep holding the border line as they proved posing no direct danger to Tel Aviv and Amman. But now they are apparently intimidated to see the Syrian army along with Hezbollah’s forces have recaptured the area. Israel - Based: Jordan and Israel say Russia broke promiseThe Debka intelligence website has noted in a report on Saturday that on Wednesday, January 27, Russia has allowed a large Hezbollah force in to Syria’s Daraa. The website added that the event was a critically dangerous development for the Israeli regime’s security with regard to the proximity of the city to the Jordanian borders and its location in the opposite(Syrian) side of occupied Golan Heights. “This was a blatant violation of President Vladimir Putin’s commitments to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordanian King Abdullah not to permit Iranian and Iran - backed forces, such as Hezbollah and Iraqi and Afghani Shiite militant, reach their borders in consequence of Russia’s military intervention in the Syrian war”, Debka website continued. Debka maintained that what happened on Wednesday was advance of a large Hezbollah force and its reaching Daraa city under a Russian protection. According to the source, this progress of Hezbollah’s forces on Wednesday in southern Syria was a remarkable gain for the Lebanese group especially that it happened only a day after the Syrian government’s army unit under the command of the Russian officers captured Sheikh Meskeen area, cutting off rebel forces existing in western and eastern Daraa and blocking their communication and supply of arms and ammunition.Jordan bristles at RussiaOn the other side, it seems that Jordan also appeased the terrorist groups present in southern Syria because the progress of the Syrian army and its allies presents, in the Jordanian officials’ viewpoint, a direct threat to Jordan while the presence of the terrorists does not push Amman to be on alert or stage any protest. The Debka added that King Abdullah of Jordan has signified fury, sending an “urgent message” to the Russian President Putin, asking for explanation on the act of the Russian officers who, as Abdullah claimed, opened the door for Hezbollah to press ahead in Daraa. Debka continued that Jordan has fought Hezbollah for three years to keep it from getting close to its borders. However, by capturing these areas, Hezbollah, as Iran’s representative in Syria, would be in command of Al - Ramtha, the first Arab border crossing falling to Hezbollah’s forces outside Lebanon.This article originally appeared on Alwaght. com