Rallies against “the Islamization” of Europe will take place on February 6 in 14 European countries including the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland, the far - right organizers said on Saturday.The demonstrations are being organized by the anti - foreigner German group PEGIDA, an acronym for “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident. ” Tatjana Festerling of PEGIDA made the announcement on Saturday following a meeting with like - minded groups in Roztoky, near Prague.[caption id = " attachment _ 45551 " align = " aligncenter " width = " 886 "]Supporters of anti - immigration right - wing movement PEGIDA in Cologne, Germany January 9,2016.(File photo: Reuters)[/ caption] “The fight against the Islamization of Europe is our common objective, ” Festerling said in a statement after the meeting. The Roztoky meeting was organized by the Czech group “Bloc Against Islam” whose leader, Martin Konvicka, called Europe’s policy on migrants as “stupid and suicidal”.Recommended:35,000 rally against racism, Islamophobia in GermanyPEGIDA started life in October 2014 as a xenophobic Facebook group, initially drawing just a few hundred protesters to demonstrations in the eastern city of Dresden before gaining strength, peaking with turnouts of 25,000 people.[caption id = " attachment _ 45552 " align = " aligncenter " width = " 768 "] Children of refugees hold pieces of paper that read: 'Thank you Germany to be here,' in front of the accommodation for immigrants in Freital near Dresden, eastern Germany, Friday, June 26, 2015. (File photo: AP)[/caption] Interest subsequently began to wane following overtly racist comments by founder Lutz Bachmann and the surfacing of “selfies” in which he sported a Hitler-style moustache and hairstyle. The group has seen a revival with the record influx of migrants to Germany in 2015, followed by a wave of sex assaults and robberies on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve blamed on young men from Arab countries.