The Syrian Army’s advance in the town of Sheikh Meskeen, north of Daraa province, has forced terrorists to pull back their forces and flee the battlefield. The Syrian government forces backed by the National Defense Forces continued to push back militants from different districts of the town, including residential areas and one of the main roundabouts of Sheikh Meskeen, an army source told FARS News. "The militant groups, who have witnessed the heavy attacks of the Syria[n] forces and the collapse of their defense lines in the Northeastern, Northern and Eastern parts of the city, have started to withdraw from more districts," the source added. Currently, large groups of terrorists are fleeing the the twon to evade more casualties. According to the source, the militants have sustained heavy losses in personnel. Their commanders called for reinforcement but did not receive response from their forces in other parts of Daraa. Meahwhile, the Syrian Army has established control over the eastern part of the town and is advancing toward the militants’ strongholds. Earlier, it was reported that the Russian aviation joined forces with the Syrian Air Force to attack militants’ positions in Sheikh Meskeen, having destroyed a large number of terrorists and their equipment. In the recent weeks, the army and its allies have significantly advanced against militant groups in Daraa, particularly in Sheikh Meskeen. Sheikh Meskeen is vital and strategic due to its location along the second most important highway in the province of Daraa.