(Muslim Press) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urged Saudi Arabia and some other regional countries to revisit their hostile policies against Muslim nations and focus on the crimes that Israel is committing against Palestinians." While once, we were sad to see that foreign aggressors and enemies of Islam were attacking Muslims and occupying an Islamic country, unfortunately, today we are under such conditions that when we think of the Muslim states, we see that either a country is attacking another one and is pounding its innocent people with bombs and missiles or certain groups in the Muslim world are showing their blades to the Muslims under the name of Islam and Jihad, " the Iranian president said on Sunday, addressing the International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran. " We never imagined that the main occupier, the Zionist regime, would be forgotten in the Muslim world, " Rouhani added.Recommended:ISIS threatens to attack Saudi Arabia Iran’s president strongly criticized the countries that support terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria by asking several rhetorical questions: “Does the destruction of Syria lead to the development of Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE or other countries? Who is happy with the destruction of Syria but Israel? Who is happy with war in Iraq but Israel and those who hold a grudge against the Muslims?" He further called on Saudi officials to move and act quickly according to the needs of the time. Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has recently said that "many provocateurs are in Saudi Arabia and some other (Persian) Gulf states and they embrace the same takfiri terrorists such as ISIS".