Allied Kurdish and Arab anti - ISIS forces claim to be making gains in a fresh offensive launched in the Aleppo province.A second round of an offensive by the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), an alliance consisting mostly of local Kurds, Arabs and Assyrians, began on Wednesday in the Aleppo province and is consistently gaining ground, according to an SDF spokesperson. ​Allied forces claim to have captured over 200 settlements from the ISIS mujahedeen in the northeastern Hasakah province, during the first round of the offensive, that began in late October, Sputnik News reported. ​The most recent report suggests that six more villages south of the infamous town of Kobani were liberated on Thursday, ARA News reported on Friday. “Hours after launching the anti - ISIS campaign south of Kobane, our(SDF) units regained six villages from the terror group, ” SDF spokesman Vidan Zinar said.Recommended:Anonymous ‘declares war’ on Turkey for supporting ISIS ​The joint forces continue to advance along the Euphrates River, with aerial support provided by the US-led coalition. ​A Kurdish SDF member told ARA News that the next military target will most probably be a ISIS stronghold near Tishrin Dam on the Euphrates River. ​“Liberating Tishrin Dam from the terror group would cut one of the main ISIS supply lines, as it links Raqqa province with Manbij city in the northern countryside of Aleppo,” Sarhad Abbas said. Clashes have intensified near the northwestern town of Afrin, where “radical jihadist gangs” of the Nusra Front met resistance from the Kurdish militia as the former launched an unsuccessful offensive, ANHA news agency reported.