(Muslim Press) - A Muslim prayer hall in the French Mediterranean island of Corsica was attacked by a group of anti - Muslim extremists who set fire to copies of the Quran on Christmas Day.According to a local police official, the group ransacked the prayer room in the city of Ajaccio on Friday. Regional official Francois Lalanne said that a small group of extremists smashed the glass door and entered the prayer room, which is located in a low - income neighborhood of Ajaccio, on the night of 25 December. " Fifty prayer books were thrown out on the street, " Lalanne said according to AFP. “Some of the copies of the holy book were partially burnt. ” The extremist protesters were shouting slogans in local language saying “Arabs get out” and “this is our home”. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has describe the incident as “intolerable” and denounced the attack in a tweet. “After the intolerable attack against the firemen, an unacceptable desecration of a Muslim prayer hall. Respect the law of the Republic, ” Valls tweeted. Anti - Muslim sentiments have been on the rise in France since ISIS attacked Paris on November 13 and killed 130 people.Recommended:US silent on Lebanon attacks, while sobbing for Paris