(Muslim Press) - According to a new report, hunger and homelessness are on the rise in major cities of the United States, which is a result of low wages and a lack of affordable housing.The US Conference of Mayors said on Tuesday in its annual Hunger and Homelessness Survey that 22 cities were included in the report, that showed an increase in homelessness by 1.6 percent over the past year. The amount of emergency food assistance distributed by those cities increased by three percent, according to the survey. The largest increase in homelessness was in Washington, DC, the nation’s capital, where the number of people experiencing homelessness rose by 28 percent and the number of homeless families went up by 60 percent.Recommended:2.5 million homeless children in US Requests for emergency food assistance in the city rose by 27 percent during the same period. Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington also experienced sharp increases in homelessness. Other cities included in the survey were Chicago, Illinois; Baltimore, Maryland; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and San Francisco, California. Like previous years, mayors from those cities identified low wages and a lack of affordable housing as major factors contributing to hunger and homelessness. A growing number of cities and states have recently sought to reduce poverty by raising wages, spurred in part by a series of nationwide strikes and protests from fast-food employees and other low-wage workers. Meanwhile, hunger has remained consistently elevated nationwide since the Great Recession while the budget for food stamps has been significantly reduced over the last few years.