(Muslim Press) - ISIS has threatened to attack Saudi Arabia after the oil - rich monarchy said it had established a 34 - state coalition to target the terrorist group.The terrorist group described the coalition as " colluding with crusaders " after the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced names of 34 countries that will coordinate mutual anti - terrorism assistance across the Islamic world. “With permission from Allah, this alliance will be the beginning of the collapse of the governments of the oppressive tyrants in the lands of Islam, ” said an article entitled “Mohammed bin Salman ' s alliance of surprised allies”.Recommended:Obama threatens leaders of ISIS Confusion over the coalition's role, even among its own members, has cast doubt on an initiative widely seen as an effort by Saudi Arabia to solidify its claim to leadership of the Sunni world against Shia Iran. Another article criticised the participation of several Syrian rebel groups in a recent meeting in Riyadh which it said proved they were “disbelievers”.