(Muslim Press) - The Yemeni army and popular forces fired their new upgraded missiles named ' Qaher - I ' on the Saudi military bases in the province of Asir.According to al - Masira news channel, Yemen ' s new surface - to - surface missiles hit Khalid bin Abdulaziz air base in Asir province of southwestern Saudi Arabia, inflicting considerable losses on the Saudi army. Qaher - I is an upgraded version of a Russian - made surface - to - surface missile.Recommended:Yemeni forces seize two Saudi villages Khalid bin Abdulaziz is located in Khamis Mushait region of Asir province in Southwestern Saudi Arabia. On Friday, the Yemeni army and popular forces conducted several retaliatory attacks against key military bases and positions in two Saudi provinces, inflicting heavy losses on the kingdom's forces. Yemeni forces fired 13 missiles at al-Jamarak region in the Saudi province of Jizan, killing at least two Saudi military men.