Commenting on the situation with the terrorist threat in the Middle East, the German politician called Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan the " godfather of terrorism. "According to Sputnik News, Wagenknecht expressed regrets that the Turkish leader does not stop secretly supporting terrorism and is refusing to close the Turkish border with Syria. Germany is currently working out a three billion euro plan to " encourage " Ankara to keep potential Syrian migrants bent on a peaceful invasion of the EU on Turkish soil. However, Wagenknecht does not believe that the promised money will resolve the refugee crisis.Recommended:Turkey won’t apologize for downing Russian warplane; Erdogan "While Erdogan plays the role of the godfather of terrorism, one should not enter into dirty deals with him," the politician said. According to Wagenknecht, another problem is that the United States is pursuing its own interests, which undermine the united front against terrorism. "Americans do not just want to fight against the ISIL, but also to overthrow the Assad regime," she said, adding that it was the military activities of the US which contributed to the creation of "a monster called ISIL."