Attacks on childrenAfter the images of the 2012 attack on Shteiwi emerged, causing embarrassment to Israel, the army announced it would temporarily stop using dogs at demonstrations. But Israel’s use of the animals against Palestinians has not stopped. In March, a video emerged of Israeli soldiers setting dogs on a Palestinian child in Beit Ommar in December 2014. Military Court Watch, an organization that monitors the treatment of children in Israeli military detention, collected further evidence of Israel’s use of dogs against Palestinians.Recommended:Israel uses dogs to attack and terrorize Palestinians[Video] In one instance, a 15-year-old Palestinian boy detained by Israeli occupation forces last August and taken to an Israeli settlement, said an interrogator threatened to “bring dogs into the room and that he would deny me food,” if the child did not confess to throwing stones. The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem also documented at least eight cases of Israeli army dogs being used to attack and injure Palestinian civilians in 2011-2012.