TEHRAN(FNA) - Syrian fighter jets on Tuesday targeted the terrorist groups ' strongholds across the coastal province of Lattakia, inflicting heavy casualties on the militants. The Takfiri terrorists' concentration centers in Lattakia province came under heavy attacks of the Syrian air force, which claimed the lives of many terrorists. The terrorist groups' military equipment was also destroyed in the airstrikes. In the meantime, the Russian Air Force did the same with the terrorist groups in Lattakia. Sources said earlier today that the Russian warplanes launched several airstrikes on the gathering of top terrorist commanders in the Syrian province of Lattakia. The Russian fighter jets bombed the headquarters of the leadership of the militants in the town of ‎Salma in Lattakia, the sources said. There were no immediate reports on the number of terrorists' casualties, but local sources said the command building was razed to the ground. Militants are removing debris in the hope that they can find some of their commanders alive.