(Muslim Press) - David Cameron says he ' s seeking parliamentary support for Britain to join anti - ISIS coalition to defeat the terrorist group in Syria.The British Prime Minister David Cameron has also offered the use of a UK air base in Cyprus for anti - ISIS operations in Syria. Meeting French President Francois Hollande, Cameron emphasized on the role of the two leaders to increase counterterrorism cooperation after the attacks. He urged European Union to make greater efforts to share intelligence to stop terrorists.Recommended:UK to spend $300 billion to reinforce defense capabilities French President Francois Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron have visited the Bataclan concert venue in central Paris, which saw the worst carnage of the attacks that killed 130 people. Hollande and Cameron were meeting Monday in Paris as the French leader presses for a stronger international coalition against ISIS. He is headed to Washington and Moscow later in the week. The decision to head to the Bataclan was not announced in advance and came amid tight security in both Paris and Brussels, home to many of the men identified as suspects in the Nov. 13 attack.