(Muslim Press) - The spokesperson for the international coalition against the ISIS group says the coalition has killed approximately 1,000 ISIS militants since operations launched in 2014.The International coalition against ISIS has killed 1,000 ISIS militants in Iraq since it began its attacks last year, coalition spokesperson Colonel Steve Warren told Baghdad reporters on Tuesday. " Two of the most dangerous IS leaders were among those killed recently, " the spokesperson said, " 50 percent of the coalition ' s airstrikes target the city of Ramadi. " He also said that the liberation of Anbar from ISIS terrorists in Iraq was a top priority for the coalition, followed by Raqqa in Syria.Recommended:ISIS ties dozens to streetlight poles in Iraq 116 fuel trucks used by ISIS to generate income for its operations had been destroyed as part of targeting the group's financial resources, the coalition spokesperson added. "The coalition's military operations have defeated ISIS in Sinjar, in cooperarion with Peshmerga and Iraqi forces," Colonel Steve Warren said, "and they have cut off ISIS's reinforcements in Mosul." "Fighting ISIS in north Iraq is easier, as the area is more open than Anbar, where ISIS fighters can hide." According to the coalition spokesperson.