Watch Palestinian Muslims and Christians sing together in the ancient city of Nablus. Beautiful harmony and heart of humanity! Palestine! True humans who have been massacred in their own homeland, since 1948 until today for their land and homes. A big disgrace by European Zionist Jews from all over the world who just packed up their cases in where ever they lived all over the world and targeted Arab people of Palestine already living there at gunpoint for their homes and land. A crime against humanity with the consent of Britain and the United Nations. “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea. Prayer moves the heart of god. Deuteronomy. 5:7-10 worship the invisible God only. 16 honor your father and mother…17 you shall not murder 19 you shall not steal 21 you shall not desire your neighbor’s house, field or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” Written by Prophet Moses. Verses of the Ten Commandments in the bible and Israel has violated all these rules in their bible.