Despite opposition and sabotage by the Israeli regime on Iran's nuclear negotiation process for gaining more concessions from Iran, as soon as the nuclear deal was finalized and it was approved by the US Congress, Israeli Regime's officials suddenly reversed their position and proclaimed that the nuclear deal is generally to the advantage of the Israel's security. They believed that the nuclear deal would create a new era in Iran's stance towards the annihilation of the Israeli regime. The Israeli regime mistakenly assumed that Iran seeks to destroy Israel using nuclear arms, and now thanks to the nuclear deal, Iran would not have access to nuclear weapons, and would give up its strategic plan to annihilate the Israeli regime, and this way, the security and survival of the Israeli regime would be guaranteed. Nevertheless, some figures tried to disseminate the idea, and this made the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution to react, to the extent that in statements he said that "after these talks, I heard the Zionists in occupied Palestine said “ with these talks proved fruitful, for 25 years we are free from the threats raised by Iran; then after 25 years, we would reconsider the issue. In the first place, you cannot perceive the next 25 years, I am sure you would not be alive to see what would happen. I hope, within the next 25 years, by Grace of Allah, there would be nothing in the region as the Zionist regime." The annihilation of the Zionist regime has some preconditions which are happening at various levels: Domestic levelA - Ethnic gap and class divisions:the split between Sephardic and Ashkenazi ethnic groups in the Israeli community is a silent crisis. There is a serious discrimination between Sephardic minority group as the lower class and Ashkenazi as the ruling and capitalist class in the Israeli community. Israel ' s economy and its policies are in a way that do not allow economic growth for the Sephardic. On the other hand, the Zionist regime is designed in a way that make it difficult for the minorities to access the high ranking positions in the government. In addition, these two ethnic groups have quite different ideologies, beliefs and historical backgrounds which prevent the absorption of these two groups in a harmonious society.B - Religious gap:the split between the Jewish and the secular is a significant issue in the Israeli community, and it has become more prominent in recent years. In such circumstances, the Israeli regime is unable to properly manage the religious conflicts in the country. The religious parties in Israel have called for publicizing Israel as a Jewish state and the institutionalization of religious discrimination. Highlighting the secular nature of the regime, the Israeli secular parties seek to integrate the non - Jewish minorities into the society.C - Reverse immigration:the Israeli regime relies on attracting the Jews from around the world to establish and ensure the survival of its regime, but for various reasons such as insecurity and low social welfare, in every year throngs of Jews abandon the occupied territories and migrate to other countries. The persistence of this process signals an upcoming crisis for the Israeli regime.D - security and military challenges:successive clashes with the Resistance forces in Palestine, Lebanon and in the region, and the successive failure of the Israeli regime in 33 - day and 22 - day Intifada and the current crisis in Israel resulted from the third upcoming Intifada, prove the fact that the security issue would remain for Israel as a permanent crisis until it is wiped out of the map.Recommended:There would be no Israel 25 years from now; Iran’s Supreme LeaderRegional levelAt the regional level, with regard to developments concerning the Islamic awakening over the past few years, the Zionist regime is facing more hardship than ever. Resistance forces in Lebanon and Gaza are now equipped with advanced weapons and missiles and have proven their capabilities in 33 - day and 22 - day wars. On the other hand, the Zionist regime has failed to limit the scope of Iran ' s influence in the region, and with regard to Iran ' s position in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, etc., the impact of the Islamic Republic ' s ideology on the Islamic countries is stronger than ever in the region and persistently keeps going in the regional level.International levelAt the international level, the most central strategy of the Israeli regime for introducing the Zionist regime as an oppressed group and to publicize the Jewish people as unique people has clearly failed. The media and information and communication technologies have uncovered for the public opinion, the Zionist scandals in committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in the world. Now the Israeli regime will not be able to deceive the world as it did in the past. The membership of Palestine at the United Nations and their flag flying next to flags of other countries is a significant step signaling the failure of the Zionist regime in this field.This article originally appeared on Alwaght. com