(Muslim Press) - Yemeni Army and their popular committees with the help of the Houthis on Sunday took control over the Al - Dhale and Al - Hajj Governorates of southern Yemen after a series of heavy clashes with the Saudi - backed militants.The Yemeni Army and the Houthis were able to bypass the frontline defenses of the pro - Hadi militants and took control over several sites in the past three days, according to reports from both the Al - Dhale and Al - Hajj Governorates.Recommended:Saudi ground troops invade northern Yemen In addition to their advance in the Al-Dhale and Al-Hajj Governorates, Houthi militants and the Yemeni Army aim to storm the Al-‘Anad Airbase in Al-Dhale, Almasdar News reported. The assault will be started in the next few hours. To add to the plight of the pro-Hadi militias, the Yemeni Army and Houthis have cutoff all roads leading to the provincial capital of Al-Dhale; this is likely to prompt Saudi-led Coalition warplanes to strike the anti-government forces in order to lift the siege. The Yemeni Army and Houthis have reportedly captured five security checkpoints inside the strategic city of Damat in the Al-Dhale Governorate after forcing the pro-Hadi militias to abandon their posts and retreat to the eastern countryside of the province.