(Muslim Press) – Israel is harvesting organs of Palestinian people killed in clashes with Israeli forces in the occupied territories, Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations says.In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki - moon, Riyad Mansour said the bodies of Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli troops are returned with missing corneas and other organs. This further proves previous reports on organ harvesting by the Israeli regime. “A medical examination conducted on bodies of Palestinians returned after they were killed by the occupying power found that they were missing organs, ” Mansour said in the letter.Recommended:Israeli forces run over Palestinian youth[Video] The Palestinian envoy further protested Israel’s “persistent aggression against the Palestinian people” over the past month and the regime’s “insistence on use of violent force and oppressive measures.” Sweden’s most highly-circulated daily Aftonbladet first published a report in 2009, bringing out the issue of organ theft by Israeli regime. The New York Times has also reported in 2014 that “transplant brokers in Israel have pocketed enormous sums of money.” Based on the report “Israelis have played a ‘disproportionate role’ in organ trafficking since 2000.”