As many as 72 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army across the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip and within Israel since the outbreak of the Jerusalem Intifada on 1 October, the Ahrar Centre for Prisoners and Human Rights said.The centre released its report in a press conference on Sunday which revealed that 24 per cent of those killed, 17 people, were children or minors while a further fiver were women. Over the past month, 66 people died due to direct live ammunition under the pretext of attempting to implement stabbing attacks while three died from tear gas inhalation including a nine - month - old baby from Bethlehem. Two people died after the Israeli army blocked their access to hospital for treatment, while a prisoner died of medical negligence in an Israeli jail.Recommended:Third day of Israel’s cruel attacks on Palestinians[Photos] Some 106 Palestinians were killed since the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, Israel has detained the bodies of 25 Palestinians. Some 5,020 Palestinians were arrested since the beginning of this year including 1,350 who were arrested in October alone including 80 women and 170 children mostly from Jerusalem and from within Israel. According to the report, October has witnessed an increase in demolition orders against Palestinian homes mainly those of prisoners' families. The Israeli army issued at least 14 demolition notices to Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank and have demolished three houses in Jerusalem and another in Hebron.