(Muslim Press) - With the help of Hezbollah, Syrian Army was able to attack ISIS positions near Aqayrbat town and recaptured full control over a rich oilfield and its facilities after clashes with scores of ISIS militants. The local sources said that ISIS militants withdraw from the oilfield and its surroundings in al-Salamiyah after suffering heavy casualties as a result of the Syrian army and Hezbollah's joint operation. Earlier today, the Syrian army retook control of Hill Number 11 on the highway of Khanasser-Ithriya after heavy clashes with the terrorists. The Syrian army and popular defense groups won back Hill Number 11 on the Khanasser-Ithriya Highway, and killed scores of ISIS terrorists, informed sources said. The forces also destroyed four of the ISIS' armored vehicles equipped with anti-aircraft machineguns. Earlier reports said the Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters launched a large-scale attack on ISIS positions along the road connecting Khanasser in Aleppo and Ithriya in Hama, inflicting heavy losses on them. The Syrian Army and Hezbollah forces launched the large-scale attack on ISIS positions along the strategic Khanasser-Ithriya highway, and killed and wounded at least 15 Takfiri terrorists.