(Muslim Press) - Russian FM Sergei Lavrov says American policies regarding the conflict in Syria could trigger a proxy war in the region. “I am sure that neither the United States nor Russia want (the Syrian conflict) to become a so-called proxy war,” Lavrov said on Friday after international meetings on the Syria crisis in Vienna, Austria. The United States announced its plans to deploy special forces to Syria to fight ISIS. The special forces will act as "military advisers to provide consultation in the battle against Daesh (ISIS) terrorists. approximately 50 special operations forces will be deployed in northern Syria to assist Kurdish and Arab forces, US officials said. Russia’s military has already played an active role in the conflict. Moscow began airstrikes against positions of ISIS fighters in Syria on September 30, after being asked for help by the Syrian government. “It is obvious for me that the situation makes the task of cooperation between the militaries (of Russia and the US) more relevant,” Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has said. he added that while international talks on the Syrian crisis in Syria continues, Russia’s military involvement in the region wouldn't come to an end.