(Muslim Press) - Saudi man divorces his bride 2 days into their marriage after a series of bad incidents during their honeymoon.After the incident he was persuaded that she was jinxed. The groom and his bride had just gone into an apartment in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah for their honeymoon when the curtain fell down, the Emirates247 reported. After they went out and ordered dinner at a local restaurant, the waiter serving them fell down just after she wondered how he walked.Recommended:How Saudi women are tiptoeing towards terrorism When they returned to their apartment, the bride went to the mirror, held a perfume bottle and told her husband it was lovely. Just as she said that, the bottle fell down and broke into pieces, according to the Arabic language daily ‘Sada’. “This incident was the last straw in the couple’s relationship as he was persuaded that she has harmful eyes. He decided to divorce her immediately.” The paper said the man took his bride to her home in the nearby town of Taif on the next day and told her parents he had divorced her. "He told them he was giving up the dowry and all wedding gifts." "He did not want to anger the bride as he thought she could hurt him with her eyes."