These infamous Saudi women have come under the spotlight since they joined terrorist groups in Syria and Yemen. They have captured the attention of international media after joining ISIS and al-Qaeda under the pretext of performing Jihad. Their duty is to gather financial aid for the terrorist organizations and travel to war-inflicted regions to supply them. Some of these women have been arrested by Saudi police, and the rest have gone, with their children, to Syria and Yemen to join terrorist groups. An anonymous scholar quoted by Saudi Arabia’s Elwatan News warned that the terrorist groups choose women to do their dirty work, because Saudi government has been negligent in identifying how women contribute to terrorist groups, and has failed to stop them from their terrorist activities. He urged the Saudi government to monitor and track those women who show radical views and have a tendency to help terrorist groups. Here’s a list of some of the Saudi women who have joined terrorist groups, some of whom are unknown: She fled from Saudi Arabia to join al - Qaeda in Yemen. Arwa didn’t attend Saudi Arabia’s Criminal Court for her trial on terrorism charges. She was accused of cooperating with al - Qaeda by the Investigation Committee. She joined al - Qaeda after her brother, Muhamad, was killed in Wadi ad - Dawasir in 2010.Rima al - JarishShe has been arrested before; her husband, Muhamad al - Hamli, is under arrest for cooperating with terrorist groups. Rima has been arrested several times in Al - Qassim Region of Saudi Arabia to be charged with sedition. She encouraged her 15 - year - old son to take part in Syrian civil war on September 2013. She fled to Yemen with her son on March 2014, but according to reports, they’re still in Syria.Matlagha SajirShe was a 40 - year - old woman, employed by the Ministry of Education. In 2015 she fled to the conflict zones with her 3 children(a 15 - year - old girl, 13 and 11 - year - old boys). Matlagha went to Masjid al - Haram to perform Hajj pilgrimage, then she pretended to be sick and stayed in the hotel and when her family members came back, they realized she has fled to Turkey through Jeddah airport.Nadi al - QahtaniShe is known as “Om Seyf Allah”. She joined ISIS in 2013 and pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi. She met her brother, Jalibib, a year after he fled to Syria to join ISIS. When she announced that she was going to Syria through Turkey without aMahram, Salafists and Takfirists got outraged. She tweeted that she had arrived in Syria and that she intended to become a driver in order to pay her trip ' s expenses. This was shocking for Saudi people, because women are banned from driving in Saudi Arabia.Mi al - Talgh and Aminah al - RashedThese two women have been supporting ISIS and al - Qaeda. Before fleeing from Al - Qassim Region, they collected huge sums of money, gold and jewelry. Together with 6 children, they were arrested in Jizan region by Saudi border forces while attempting to flee from Saudi Arabia to Yemen.Vafa al - Shahri, known as “Om Hajar”She is the wife of Said Ali al - Shihri, the deputy leader of the terrorist group Al - Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula(AQAP). Before Hila al - Qusayer’s arrest and trial, al - Qaeda tried hard to use Vafa al - Shahri as a propaganda tool to support Hila al - Qusayer’s activities. She officially joined al - Qaeda by publishing an article in “Sadi al - Molahem” magazine which is al - Qaeda ' s media network. In 2009, she fled with her 3 children from her family’s house and went to Yemen. Her first husband, Saud al - Ghahtani, together with her second husband’s family, took court action against her and demanded the return of her two children, Yusuf al - Qahtani and Vasayef al - Qamedi. Saudi judicial authorities asked Yemen’s government to return this woman and her two children.Hila al - Qusayer, known as “Om Robab”She was the leader of a 60 - member group that wanted to carry out an operation inside Saudi Arabia. She also gave 2 million Saudi riyals to al - Qaeda through laundering. Saudi police arrested her along with 113 others. Al - Qaeda has threatened to carry out terrorist activities in Saudi Arabia if the Saudi regime refuses to release her.Vafa Alyahya In 2012 she was said to have been killed in Iraq. She fled Saudi Arabia to Yemen and traveled to Syria and then went to Iraq. Before joining terrorist groups, she was a professor at Malik Saud University in Saudi Arabia.