(Muslim Press) - Iran has sent second fleet of warships, including a home - made destroyer, to Russia’s Astarakhan port on Sunday.The Iranian fleet of warships were sent to the Russian territorial waters for a 12 - day stay to bear the message of peace and friendship. The warships include Joshan(Shield) and Peykan(Arrow) warships and the hi - tech Damavand destroyer. Damavand will also join the Iranian flotilla in the Russian territorial waters, Iranian officials had announced previously. " Destroyer Damavand will be sent to Russia in the form of a flotilla of warships, " Commander of Iran ' s Northern Naval Fleet Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad told FNA in August. Iranian military officials said that the visit was planned to strengthen the ties between Iran and Russia and expand military relations between the two countries in the field of naval security.Recommended:Russia, Iran to expand military cooperation