Hungary has closed its border with Croatia to refugees in a bid to block the path of streams of migrants desperate to get to northern Europe as a European deal to stem the crisis looked precarious. After the last 1,500 or so migrants to arrive by train on the Croatian side trudged silently through mud over the informal Zakany crossing, Hungarian police and soldiers sealed it with barbed wire shortly before 1am (2300 GMT), said AFP reporters at the scene. “Closure!” shouted a soldier after the last weary travellers had passed through slowly in single file, some of them carrying an elderly woman in a wheelchair and children’s buggies. “The ‘green border’ has been closed [to economic migrants] but you can still cross the border legally and seek asylum,” government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told AFP. The two official border posts of Beremend and Letenje remain open for those with valid papers.