Muslimpress:As the situation gets worse in Syria, new waves of refugees rush into EU, seeking better life; the huge number of the refugees has made it a struggle for German government to keep the country under control. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government faces a staggering challenge, with an estimated 800,000 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea expected to join by year’s end the half-million already there. Merkel, who says she will not limit the flow, has been praised in some quarters for humanitarian leadership, but the huge wave of Muslim asylum seekers has also engendered considerable controversy. Bavarian State leader Horst Seehofer has threatened to take the federal government to constitutional court if it does not turn back the refugees at the border as an emergency measure. Roughly 10,000 migrants pour into the southern Bavarian State from Austria each day. This is while Merkel has said that it is not in her power to determine the number of people who come to Germany.