At least three Israelis have been killed and many injured in shooting and stabbing attacks in Jerusalem and central Israel, Israeli police say. Two were killed and 16 others were wounded when two assailants, who police identified as Arabs, shot and stabbed passengers on a bus in Jerusalem. Another Israeli died after being run down and stabbed elsewhere in the city. Near-daily stabbings by Palestinians have left dozens of Israelis dead and wounded over the past fortnight. Several attackers and at least 17 other Palestinians have been killed in the upsurge of violence. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened an emergency session of the security cabinet to discuss how to halt the violence. Officials said Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan was considering whether to seal off Arab areas in East Jerusalem from the rest of the city. The militant Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, which dominates the Gaza Strip, praised the "heroic operations in Jerusalem and greets the heroes who carried them out".